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Thread: Wiimote Bluetooth

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    Wiimote Bluetooth

    This is my first thread in this forum so sorry in advance if I did anything wrong or put this thread in the wrong category.

    Anyways. The other day I bought a wii control and a Bluetooth adapter for my pc, thought I hook up the control and use it as a mouse and maybe play one or two wii games. But it was not as easy as I had imagined. Installing my bluetooth went well, and it found the controller. But when I started testing it via GlovePIE it did not work at all. I started to check forums and according to lots of people I should not use the drivers that came with my bluetooth adapter. Instead, I should use something else, people recommended especially WIDCOMM and BlueSolei (not sure about the names). But regardless of which driver I tried, I had the same problem, when the installation starts and tries to find my bluetooth device, it can't. Alot of people said that i should just press cancel and let the installation continue, but that cancels the installation... I have tested quite a few different drivers and followed a huge number of guides, but nothing seems to work. I'm going crazy!

    So if anyone has any suggestions of how i should go about doing this, I would appreciate it very much!

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    Lotsa luck on your question as it doesn't really pretain to the hacking of a wii console, and more to do with setting up bluetooth on a pc.
    Still very interesting topic, and I hope you find answers. If you find them elsewhere, maybe you can post back your results.

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    • Bluetooth Dongle
    Bluesoleil Version 2.3

    This tutorial will give you step by step instructions on how to connect a WiiMote to your computer. The same steps are taken to connect multiple WiiMotes to your computer. This tutorial assumes you have the following prerequisites, you have successfully installed Bluesoleil and have attached your Bluetooth Dongle to your computer.Step 1)Open BlueSoleil
    Step 2)Familiarize yourself with the BlueSoleil Interface
    Step 3)Press the 1 and 2 button on the WiiMote so all four of the lights blink
    Step 4)While the lights are blinking on the WiiMote click on the orange sphere in the BlueSoleil program (Similar to the picture in Step 2) to find the WiiMote. If the WiiMote was not found or if the WiiMote lights are not blinking just repeat Step 3 and follow Step 4 again. Once the orange sphere is clicked, it should find a device similar to the following picture.
    Step 5)While the lights are still blinking on the WiiMote double click the newly found device and you should find a device similar to the following picture. If the lights are not blinking on the WiiMote just repeat Step 3 and follow Step 5 again.
    Step 6)Right click on the paired WiiMote, go to Connect and select Bluetooth Human Interface Device Service.
    First Time?If you have never before synced a WiiMote on your computer before follow the next step, otherwise go to Step 8.

    Step 7)The program will automatically install drivers for the WiiMote. Eventually you will be asked to either Continue or Stop the installation because this has not passed Windows Logo testing. Click Continue Anyway.
    Step 8)A successful pairing will have a green line attached from you WiiMote to the orange sphere.
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