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Thread: MW3 update... Not able to play online...

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    Us MW3 update... Not able to play online...

    So I used Muaifrog's guide and soft modded my new blue wii. Anyways I already changed the IOS to 250 and the game plays campaign only. Cant play Spec Ops or Multi Player. I did as Muaifrog suggested and blocked game updates. I know its silly but why cant I enable that as long as I dont do a system update? I know with my ps3 almost every game wants to update. So my Question is can I enable game updates so I can play online or will it mess up my wii? I have read somewhere were they enabled it but couldnt find any other positive reinforcement to ease my mind about enabling game updates. Please respond if you have enabled game updates and are continuing to play online or are 1000% sure it wont brick my Wii; even though I have a NanD back up.

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    There is a guide for this game. I bet you can find your answer there.

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    Yeah I have just tried reading through ALL 84 pages of posts, searching through them. Too much to do so I posted this there in the game guide.


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