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Thread: Don't know if it something like this exists but am gonna ask...

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    Don't know if it something like this exists but am gonna ask...

    Hi, I was wondering if there was an application/exploit for a soft-modded Wii which would allow you to override the Wii-mote and use a classic controller for all Wii games. If such a thing exists I'd love to know. Thanks.

    I know something like this is possible for Donkey Kong Country returns but I haven't came across anything that would do this for all Wii games. My uncle really like's COD MW3 & Black Ops but can only play with the classic controller (the Wii-mote seams to allude him). He wants to play COD 3 and COD MW1 Reflex Edition but cant play unless he can use a classic controller to do so. Personally I think the Wii-mote makes gaming so much easier but he's so used to the PS2 format that anything else just frustrates him and he gives up. If something like this exists I would really appreciate someone letting me know.
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