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Thread: Kirbys RTDL backup will not save progress

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    Kirbys RTDL backup will not save progress

    hi ok so about a month ago i backed up Kirbys RTDL on my wii and played it (the backup) all the way through with no problems except if u talked to the guy in the ship twice it would freeze, anyway yesterday i updated my wiiflow. i have updated mauifrogs softmod to most recent and have no problems with anyother games. When i first went to play kirby, all my gamesaves were gone and it would not save my progress. ive checked other games and it dosent seem to be happening. ive read its a IOS reloading game but the newest wiiflow has auto IOS reloading so theres no way to check that. ima try the disk but i let my brother borrow it so itll take awhile. i also updated my gamesave manager gx app if it matters. any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
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