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Thread: USB Loader no longer working

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    USB Loader no longer working

    I've done a decent amount of Homebrewing on my Softmodded Wii 4.1U. I've also lost track of how much I've done...which makes me concerned for troubleshooting purposes like this.

    I had just gotten my USB Loader working on my External HD. I then realized I don't have enough cIOS to run some of the games I want to play so I checked a guide on this website that said I needed to download and install a certain one...but after I installed it I could no longer get it working. In my WiiFlow it said I had no Hard Drive installed or something weird...

    So what I'm asking is:

    1) How do I get my USB Loader to recognize my External HD once more.
    2) Is there a thread or guide that has all the most vital cIOS installs to be able to read games on my HD when I play on my Loader?

    Part of me wants to format my Wii back to factory settings somehow to start fresh and new so I'm not super confused here...any help on getting this problem resolved? I really wish Wii's disc readers wouldn't crap out so hard so I could still play the games I've bought :/

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    Don't format your wii. If you follow the softmod any wii guide and the fat32 usb loading guide in the spoiler below, you should be good to go. But did you say your disc drive doesn't work? I could be wrong but I thought you needed a working disc drive even for usb loading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by playerkp420 View Post
    I could be wrong but I thought you needed a working disc drive even for usb loading?
    Thats an affirmative playerkp. The drive chip itself must be recognized by the wii, otherwise usb loading will not work. If its just a bad laser, usb loading will still work.

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    It's probably a bad laser then...I got tons of disc read errors from whoring SSB Brawl which is renowned for annihilating Wiis.


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