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Thread: USB Loader GX and USB Flash Drives?

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    Ca USB Loader GX and USB Flash Drives?

    I modded my Wii quite some time ago and don't really remember the process I took. I do know that when I turn it on, it starts up in USB Loader GX. Shortly after modding the Wii to play my backups off the external hard drive, I took it off and formatted to Extended Journaled for use on my MacBook Pro with TimeMachine. I wanna get all my backups on my Wii again but I don't need another 500GB external, so this is where I was thinking how USB Thumb Drives work with USB Loader GX?

    The reason I'm thinking of using a USB flash drive is because after the WBFS conversion, some games were only a few Megabytes so I really don't need a whole 500GB external. Plus a flash drive will have a faster load time using no moving parts and it's much more energy efficient rather then my external needing it's work AC adapter.

    At FutureShop they have Kingston 16GB DataTravelers on sale for $5.00 off, I figured this is the perfect size for how many games I have, I just don't know if this exact flash drive will work

    I was reading that someone bought an 8GB HP flash drive and it wouldn't work but their 4GB SanDisk did work. Do you think that was a brand name issue or flash capacity issue?

    So.. does anyone know if 16GB Kingston Flash Drives will work with USB Loader GX?

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    I have a 16GB Kingston usb that works like a champ, but please realize how many different models of 16gb Kingston usb drives have been released since kingston was founded and take that into consideration. We have a compatibility thread on this site and others can be found with a quick "Wii compatibility usb" google search. I bought about 4 drives at once and returned the ones that didn't work as well as I liked way back when for a full refund. Just a thought, and also keep in mind it could be how you softmodded your wii or how you set up your drive that could be the problem

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    Yeah I didn't really think about how many different versions of the same flash drives would be out but I did go buy three of them, two 8GB flash drives for $9.00 each and the 16GB flash drive for $20.00 so I'm going to try the 16GB drive first

    I hope this works, I'm just looking up how to format it to WBFS and then I gotta make a backup to load on it so I'll give confirmation in about an hour.
    Thanks for the help so far.

    This isn't really necessary as I'll eventually find them... but... what are the programs for Mac that I need to use to backup my Wii games, convert them to WBFS, then load them onto the flash drive? When I was doing this before, I remember using just a basic DVD ripper program like Toast Titanium to make an ISO of the Wii disc then converting it with some WBFS Manager thing? I don't know if thats right, it's been probably two years since I've touched this thing :P

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