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Thread: Ps3 / xbox 360

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    Ps3 / xbox 360

    Hi everyone
    I have softmod my wii ages ago and the kids love me. (no more scratched disc)
    I'm now thinking about getting a xbox 360 or ps3. As i have a lot of credit at eb games ( i buy the games, back it up and then trade it in at eb games)
    I would like to softmod one of these but most of the forum sites i go to aren't as easy to follow as what this one is.

    Has anyone softmoded a ps3 or xbox 360 so it works like the wii?

    if not i think i'll just get another Wii and the kids can have one and i can then have one as well.

    I'm sorry for post on a wii forum but when you look at the site i've been looking at the last couple of days it doesn't seem to be set out as user friendly as what this site is.

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    You can mod both,but can't comment much on the ps3 but the 360 can either be flashed to play backup discs,you can grab the key from it, buy an xkey amongst others and then run the games from an external device,or you can have a rgh done to it and play emu's, games,and run from external device.
    If you decide to buy a 360 you have no option but to open it up to do any of the above.My advice is buy a nice clean unopened 360 fat from somewhere and learn to flash it yourself,it is an easy process,and if you need any help just post in the 360 section on this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaize View Post
    ....( i buy the games, back it up and then trade it in at eb games)...
    This is piracy and we do not support pirates. Read the rules. Thread closed.
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