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Thread: Backup size increased???

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    Backup size increased???

    I'm sorry if this ain't the right section to post this, but I'm not really sure where's the best place to post about such a weird issue like this one.

    I'd managed my backups with WBSF Manager 3.0.1 alright, but because that demanded me to keep my backups in 4.3GB isos (and I was running out of HDD space), I decided to start using Wii Backup Manager 0.3.8 Build 61 instead, and keep all my games as wbsf (certainly less than 4.3GB each).

    But something happened. At first I thought it was my mind playing games on me, but I'm completely sure now that my stored backups have increased in size.

    I have for example, Tetris Party Deluxe, which I just made sure by making the backup again was 56MB in size, and now for some reason, the one I kept stored is 246. Just what happened there?

    And not just that one! 350MB New Super Mario Bros. Wii is now 538. I can't tell YET if it's happened with any others, but I find this likely...

    On the other hand, Pikmin 1, Mario Power Tennis and Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1 just downright stopped being recognized by Wii Backup Manager (the log says Source: WBSFPartition.OpenFromHandle, Invalid partition header, Not a WBSF partition) even though it worked alright before, for a long time. And the weirdest part is that I certainly did not touch those games in all this time. I noticed only because they kept getting recognized and showing up on my list every time I chose to Add a Folder to the thing, but that's it.

    Anyways, I think this is all I can say to explain the situation, but, well if you need anything else I'll do my best. I already tried converting them back to Iso, but the size keeps the same increased number. If anyone can tell me what am I doing that's causing this, then please do so I can stop it! This is just too weird and I don't like it. Thanks in advance! And even if you can't help, thanks anyways just for reading. I'll look forward to all you have to say about this.

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    In General Settings do you have Keep Game Partition Only selected?

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    Woah, what a quick reply. Sorry for not having checked this out sooner.

    Anyways, no, I don't, Keep all partitions is selected instead. Allright, I'll experiment with that...

    Yup, you hit gold. I select what you say and all game show their original size. This surprises me because it really looked like they had GAINED a partition somewhere along the way, but I guess I was fooled. Thanks a lot, that solves the mystery.

    Anyways, should I really select this? What's in this roughly 150~200MB not game partition that I'd be discarding by doing so?

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    Updates, either to IOS or system menu. You dont need it, and are losing exactly nothing by not including them.


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    Alright, I'll do just that, thanks a lot, both of you!

    Btw, no clue on why some wbfs would show that error I mentioned even though all I'd do with them was load them into Wiibackupmanager? I don't think it was a hardware error, and chkdsk ran just fine. Could it had been the program's fault or should I look around for other culprits?


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