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Thread: Anyone know where I can find a Wii remote external connector?

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    Anyone know where I can find a Wii remote external connector?

    I'm having problems with the nunchuck disconnecting constantly when moving it up/down. I believe its a problem with the wii external connector because if I hold in tight, it works when moving up and down. They are official controllers and all 3 have the same problem, doesn't matter if I switch nunchucks around. I also tried cleaning the connectors.

    I found an old ebay listing but it has ended but they were used which I don't want.

    External Connector - Nintendo Wii Remote OEM Nunchuk | eBay

    Edit: I wonder if an extension would work... cut out the jack and hopefully has the same dimensions.
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    have you checked to see if radio shack can order you one?

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