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    Wii Backups - Manager - Formatting


    After reading some forums, I was told that I would need to format my external hard drive to FAT32 in order for it to be compatible with usbloader. (Currently the hard drive is NFTS) The issue that arose, is after I used FAT32_GUI_Formatter, I went to transfer my games to the hard drive, but it said because the iso files were larger than 4gigs that the transfer would not work as the NFTS format was the only format capable of handling 4+ gig files. I am somewhat lost as to whow backup manage is suppose to help me here, or if i should reformat my hard drive back to NFTS?

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    Sure I read on here some where that the new configurable usb loader will work with NTFS. I have not tried it as I use WiiFlow and that is ok with NTFS.
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    Use wii backup manager with FAT32. It will split for you automatically.


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