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    Legal Question

    I'm not exactly a newbie, but I couldn't really decide where else to post this. It's kind of an odd issue. If this needs to be somewhere else, I apologize.

    I am slowly getting into doing Let's Plays on YouTube, and I want to do one of Twilight Princess. However, since there are several other LPs of that game, I want mine to stand out. Since I have a softmodded Wii (done using mauifrog's awesome guide) and a backup copy of TP (done using my legally bought and owned copy of the game disc), I thought it would be cool to use Ocarina cheats to tweak the game (use a Dark Link skin, replace easy enemies with hard ones, etc.) However, doing so will scream modded Wii, and since that's a delicate issue with a lot of grey area, I wanted to get some advice before I did anything.

    I know that Nintendo's official stance on any sort of modifications to their systems/games is that it is a no-no, but I also know that a ton of other people have posted LPs of emulated games without consequence. So, my main question here is: What's the worst that will happen if I do this? I have no desire to get sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even though I have done nothing wrong (I own the system and the game, and even Nintendo's official site says that backup games are a grey area), I don't want to take any chances. However, if the worst-case scenario is that my videos will be removed, or even if my channel is deleted, I'll take the chance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, and also, I don't want to be a jerk about this, but please have some sort of evidence or precedent to cite when giving advice. I know there are a ton of opinions, but in this case I need facts.

    Thanks in advance!

    -- The OldDuke

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    I dont think you're going to get anyone to tell you that it's anything other than a legal grey area. I look at it like this. If you buy a computer (as long as its not an apple) you are not forcibly compelled by the manufacturer to buy software from them or noone. The wii is, indeed, a computer of sorts. By installing the homebrew channel, you've more than likely violating a user agreement with them. Doing so would in turn void your warranty. But in terms of the actual LEGALITY or if legal action being pursued against anyone installing the homebrewchannel/etc.... I wouldn't worry about it.

    I seriously doubt you're going to get a more concrete answer than that from anyone here.


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    Create a new account on youtube just to post these kinds of videos. I wouldn't worry about nintendo suing you.

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    Thanks for the help, both of you!

    I was pretty sure there wouldn't really be a concrete answer, but thought maybe someone would know more than I (after all, if there's one place on the 'net for experts in this field, it's the WiiHacks community!) I am reasonably confident now, though, so hopefully I'll start cranking out videos soon (indeed on a new account!) Thanks for the advice!

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    lol do you think the nintendo police are going to come get you? get some meds

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