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Thread: [Q]Trouble Backing up Game from USB Loader GX

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    [Q]Trouble Backing up Game from USB Loader GX

    hi all, forgive me if this has been covered. searched for a few days, but i think im missing something
    im no n00b to general modding, but Wii mods are new to me yet

    Softmodded my Wii (4.3u) with MauiFrogs' guide yesterday. (thanks M8)
    installed USB loader CFG and USBloader GX along with whatever else was included in the SoftMod guide

    i read somewhere newer Wii's, such as mine, could not read burned DVD's(backups)
    dunno if this is my case or not, however when using USBloader GX i get "cannot open disc"

    am i missing a Wad or do i need to install a forwarder??

    seems simple, but im lost for now my Wii Sports game is already kinda scratched up, and i like to backup what i can before it's too late

    thanks for your reply's

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    See if it will work in cfg first. Maybe a badly scratched one?

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    ok, thanks. i will try that and let you know what happens
    BTW, the disc is scratched, but still plays ok

    alright, before starting this thread i installed USBloader GX, now CFG loader is not starting.
    uninstalled loader GX, but CFG still not working.
    the channel is there, but when opening it, i get bumped back to Wii menu


    LOL, figured it out. was using wrong SD card. got CFG working to backup game.
    took a few tries, cuz it kept freezing. all is happy now, thank you
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