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Thread: Pre-installed Homebrew Channel but no SD card on 2nd hand Wii.

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    Pre-installed Homebrew Channel but no SD card on 2nd hand Wii.

    Hi. I could not find an answer to my predicament on the forum so very grateful for any advice.

    I bought a 2nd hand Wii console with a view to softmod it however upon plugging it in I discovered it already has the Homebrew Channel installed on the homepage menu.

    I have several questions:

    1.) What do I need to download onto an SD card in order to use the Homebrew Channel
    (When I open the Homebrew Channel it says Network Not Initialized and the following numbers 1.0.6 IOS35v12.16)

    2.) Presuming I can get the pre-installed Homebrew Channel working, can I open games from an attached USB hard-drive?

    3.) Can I still proceed with the softmod I was planning despite the presence of the pre-installed Homebrew Channel?

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.

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    Yes. Just follow the "softmod any Wii guide" and you'll be good to go.
    The guide will overwrite everything, and get your Wii right up to date.
    That Homebrew channel is outdated, and definitely needs updating to the latest.
    Link for the guide in the the useful links spoiler in my signature.

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    Thanks. That's good news. They were the instructions I was going to use anyway but needed the confirmation that it wouldn't cause harm.

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    Should I do a fresh install or an update install?

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    Follow the anywii guide in its entirety from the beginning. You can use the "HBC Already Installed" option if you like. Dont skip any steps.

    Guide is linked in my sig.


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