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Thread: CFG Updated, now cannot install games

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    CFG Updated, now cannot install games

    I was preparing my old modded Wii to play the new Zelda game and followed all of the guides for updating my Homebrew, then my loader to v70. Everything was working great. I had the "Set ntfs write = 1" error, and fixed that as well. Finally put Zelda back in the Wii to install through cfg loader and now it remains at 0.00% ETA 05:00, which I assume is five hours.

    I thought that the Wii may have been frozen after about twenty minutes of the 0.00% not even budging. I attempted to install a small game, "Family Night 4", and was met with the same problem. It seems that the install is freezing.

    I have searched for three hours now and am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction.


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    Does your Wii read the discs fine if you were to go and try to play them?

    If you put your ear up to the Wii, do you hear any clicking, spinning, or do you not hear anything at all?

    I'm a newb here at attemping to help people out, but I try to troubleshoot to the best of my knowledge, so I apologize if there's an easy/quick fix that I dont know about.


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