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Thread: Issues copying games to HDD using Wii Backup Manager, cannot see game files

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    Issues copying games to HDD using Wii Backup Manager, cannot see game files

    I am new to modding, hence posting this int he newbe section. I got the softmod installed with out an issue, the reason for doing it was that my DVD drive in the WII went bad. I got myself an external USB drive and I formatted it FAT32 and am ready to copy my games to it. I downloaded WII Backup Manager, the instructions say to click on drive 1 and select my USB drive. That worked fine, it noticed I did not have the needed folder and it created it. Next I click on Files, Add and select Files. When the browser window opens up. my DVD drive with the game in it does not shop up. So I do I copy those games to the hard drive?

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    You need some special 10 year old LG drive. Sorry but to copy games from you pc drive isn't really an option.

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    So what are my options? The Drive in my WII has gone bad and I have 30 games that I would like to be able to use. I modded the Wii thinking I could copy the games from the CDs over to a USB hard drive to play them. From reading the forums, it seems like I should be able to do it without the Wii drive. I though the backup Manager was the key, but apparently not. Is there some other way to "rip" the disk to my hard drive?

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    Maybe borrow a friends console to do it. Alot of possibilities, be creative.
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    I would have to softmod my friends WII wouldn't I?

    also, if Wii Backup Manager cannot copy a game cd, what is it used for?
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    Don't double post. If someone hasn't replied, use the edit post button. It's not that Wii Backup Manager can't copy a game cd, It's that your pc's dvd drive cannot read it. There are some that do, just not yours.

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    Sorry about the double post, Thank you.

    I have been in the PC business for about 20 years now, I have lots of older equipment laying around. Is there a list of drives that will work? My other question is that if I cannot find a drive that will work, it was suggested that I borrow a friends WII, do I have to softmod that wii in order to backup original games to a usb hdd or flashdrive?

    Thanks again for all your help.

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    Thanks, i did do a search, but I did not know what to type in. I thought they called it ripping, not dumping. Thanks again for your help.


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