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Thread: problem adding more then 1 game on usb flash drive

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    problem adding more then 1 game on usb flash drive

    hey guys, i have a 4.3u wii with letterbomb, i installed wiiflow on my wii and WBFS manager 3.0 on my pc, i format my 32g usb flash drive to fat 32 then run on WBFS 3.0 and load my games onto the usb flash drive, everything works great if i only add 1 game on the usb, if i add anymore then that only the first one added will work, i have tried them all seperate on my usb and they all work as long as there is only 1 game on the usb flash drive, am i missing something? im sure i seen someone with 20 games on there flash drive. please help.

    Daniel N.

    I found out what the problem was, the 32gb USB flash drive was really just a 4g, a fake! So now that I have that straighten out, I have to find a USB that is compatable, thanks for your help!
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    Why don't you just use your loader to backup your original retail disks. It is alot easier.


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