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Thread: USB Loader GX slot 249 help

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    USB Loader GX slot 249 help

    hi so i was trying to get kirby return to dream land working on usb loader gx and read that i should install the cIOS d2x v6 base 56 in slot 249. so i downloaded d2x xIOS installer and updated it but now no games load at all. i had games and played them using usb loader gx before but since trying to fix kirby return to dream land, no games work. how do i fix slot 249 to work with my usb loader gx again? kirby would freeze after trying to create a new game. i know it has something to do with slot 249 as that was the only thing i changed since. and also, how do i do a system check to see what ios has what installed on it? i'd like to see if someone can see if everything is set up correctly. thanks for the help.
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    You need to update GX in order for it to work with d2x. Take a look at the updating GX guide in my sig.


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