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Thread: Need Help upgrading a wii console with 3.2E

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    Need Help upgrading a wii console with 3.2E

    Hi everyone.

    I bought last week a wii already soft moded.

    The Console have:

    3.2E system firmware
    1.01 Homebrew Channel
    Backup channel gamma ( i dont know what version)

    Because is a 2008 model i still have acess in Disc channel.

    I try to run Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and it didīt run.

    The help i need is that some one please tell me what to do or to install, so i can do this in my wii:

    - keep the disc channel do run backup
    - Run latest games in disc channel or from HDD
    - Run NTSC (from US and Asian) games
    - Some multimedia program to run DVD/divx

    I always refuse system update, but i like also to know if there are any spoofer do avoid get this update warnigs and stop asking to update?

    What oficial Channels can i use online with softmoded console?

    Best regards and tks all for your help.
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    You need to use the softmod anywii guide on this site and it will update your soft mod to be able to run everything you need.... And it will update you to 4.1 as well....

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