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Thread: Who can help me with Priiloader password and settings???

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    Exclamation Who can help me with Priiloader password and settings???

    Dear community,

    I'm searching for 2 days now but can't find anything on setting a password for priiloader.

    When I try to put a password in priiloader (install file option) I get an error "password.txt"not found.
    Should I make a password.txt? and where to put it if I should make one?

    In settings there are 2 options.

    Protect priiloader and protect boot.

    I only need to protect priiloader so that my kids cannot change any settings nor load files. Shoul I use the protect priiloader for this.


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    The password.txt file goes on the root of your sd card. On the first line put the password. ONLY use letters and numbers, no special characters or spaces.

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    Is the protect Priiloader setting only for protecting the settings or will it protect
    priiloader in general?


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