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Thread: I think I have bricked my wii - Please help

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    I think I have bricked my wii - Please help

    My Wii turns on but does not give video output, the first screen where it says "Press A to continue" does not appear and wimotes just flash but do not ocnncet. It used to work well until a weekn ago. Is there any way I can restore my wii or reformat my wii? Please help. I have d2prov9 chip installed.

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    You might want to write what you have done with the Wii to help people locate and solve the problem.

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    Please give us a more complete explanation as to your Wii's condition, so we can ascertain a more exact answer. Although, judging from your explanation, it might have something to with your video cable input, system software, or hardware troubleshooting with the d2pro.
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    I took it to UK from US where voltage is 220 volts, I used a converter for stepping down the volts to 110V. It worked for few hours and then I noticed that voltage converter was too hot. I disonnected and bought a new converter that didnt work, turned out that the power cord (which converts the electricity into 12V DC) was out. I used a eliminator to supply 12 V to the WII unit directly it worked fine for few days without problem. about a week ago unit would start (green light) and then immediately turn off (red light) it wouldnt eject the disc so I pressed down the eject button for long time hoping it would eventually eject the disc but instead it went from green to red several times since then it would not give out any video out or connect with remotes.

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    I have no idea if your wii is bricked or short curcuited or what the problem is, but if it still works and you get it running, and you plan on staying in the UK for a while, i would recommend buying an original wii powersupply for the UK system. My experience concerning power/electricity, is that you should go with quality and safety, instead of taking shortcuts.
    If it is bricked or just plain dead, i give you my condolences.

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    Maybe your Wii power supply got fried?
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    Maybe you fried your old supply, and it may have affected your Wii too. I would read the Wii manual or search google on the power supply subject to see what is recommended for converting - maybe other people have had the same problem.

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    Power supply is fried that I know for sure after that It did work for sometimes with the external 12 V power supply that I bought. I upgraded the firmware to 3.4 and it still worked for sometimes. Suddenly it stopped giving out video outs and stopped connecting with remotes. I dounno whats wrong.

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    It doesn't sound like a bricking caused by wrong region, updates, fake software or anything like that, since you don't mention working with these. the only factor i can see as the root of the problem is your power supply. Perhaps a plain old short circuit.

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