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Thread: I messed up and upgraded...?

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    I messed up and upgraded...?

    so i was talking on the phone and accidentally upgraded my wii to v4.3..... well i cussed myself out for a bit and then deleted everything off my sd card thinking i would just start over again. well i guess im wrong about that too. i cant find a way to downgrade back to 4.1 and the guide i found using super smash brawl isnt working. ill be honest i have NO CLUE what im doing when it comes to this stuff when i first hacked my wii it took me over a day to figure it out... so IF i can now use the HBC and usb uploader with version 4.3 HOW?! this is the guide i found the original: How-To Install Homebrew Channel Wii 4.3 - YouTube it says to download hackmii v0.7b well the current is 0.8 but i downloaded 0.7b just to stay with the video. then i took these files out of the folder "hackmii_installer_v0.7b"
    wiiload (folder)
    and put them in the root file of my sd card. i put it in my wii after i do this and turn it on. i then open up super smash brawl and go into vault and then stage builder but nothing loads for me like he does. what am i doing wrong... can someone show me the guide on how to do this for the biggest retard when it comes to these sort of things please? thanks.

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    It is a rather common occurrence that people come here talking about how a youtube guide has failed them, which is why we call it "failtube". Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide, there is a link to it in my signature below. That will sort all of your issues.


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