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Thread: Wii is effed after system format! D:

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    Unhappy Wii is effed after system format! D:

    Is there a way to hardcore format a wii, I've looked around and most system formats require bootmii, which I can't get.

    I was unable to load hackmii on my virgin wii after following several guides and methods, though it could install riivolution, so I tried formatting it. Now I can't transfer saves from my sd ("the file may not have been copied"), and I'm getting the apparently lethal 110213 wiiconnect error, so my connectivity is down. That, and my sd no longer properly loads mmm, and letterbomb doesn't work at all.

    D: help plz. (EDIT: my system menu was 4.3U at time of format. If I "update" with Skyward Sword, the problem persists)
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