Hey, when I started out I soft modded my wii via the soft mod guide. Afterward I realized I could not backup my games on the dvd writer I have installed on my computer, so I used games a friend of mine had backed up before his system crashed. After about a month of playing around with my new apps I found out I can backup my games through cfg usb loader. I found this out at my cousins house after we soft modded his and I installed my 'Metroid Other M' to his external harddrive, and it went perfectly. But when I got home to backup my games they all installed just fine except for my 'Metroid Other M.' When i tried it came up as: ERROR! (ret = -2)
Now my game always has problems loading on my system, I have to clean the disk acouple of times for it to work, but it has no problems loading on any other system I've played it on. And its the only game I have a problem with, so I don't think its physical damage. If you guys can give me some answers or point me to guide I would much appreciate it.