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Thread: Help with missing cIOS 222 and 249

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    Help with missing cIOS 222 and 249

    Hello there.

    I bought my Wii in 2008 and just recently homebrewed it, and it has been an adventure.

    Twice I have used letterbomb to homebrew it (It is 4.3U, and I used a 2GB SD, not SDHC, Sandisk), because the first time I thought I installed bootmii, but I didn't. The 2nd time I letterbombed it I followed a youtube guide. I know, after reading the forums here I now know I shouldn't have, but when I compare it to the softmod guide, it looks like it follows exactly what to do.

    Here is the link to the guide I saw on youtube: DON'T POST FAILTUBE GUIDES HERE!!!

    When it was done it installed USB Loader GX, Neogamma, and GC Backup Launcher. During installation, I did not install MIOS Patcher, because I couldn't get it to select to read from the SD card. I also did not install DarkCorp. However I also have issues as well.

    I am using a Verbitim 1TB External Drive that has been approved by this site. I have my homebrew games on it so the Homebrew Channel is reading it ok.

    First, whenever I try to exit the Homebrew Channel the screen goes black.

    When I try to run GC Backup Launcher from either the Hombrew Channel or from its own channel I get the Gamecube Backup Launcher screen, then the screen turns green and my Wii reboots.

    When I try NeoGamma from its own channel, the program runs but it can not detect my USB drive. I don't have it on the SD card to access inthe Homebrew Channel.

    Finally when I try USB Loader GX from its channel the I get the intro screen and then a code dump. When I try it from the homebrew channel I get the following message:

    USB Loaded GX needs unstubbed cIOS 222 v4 or 249 c9+

    I found
    222 = 0
    249 = 0

    Go figure out how to get some cIOS action going on in your Wii and come back and see me.

    It sounds like there are some additional files I need to instal that were missed, but I can't figure out what is different between the youtube guide and the softmod guide. Is there something easy that I would need to install or do I have to redo the letterbomb again?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Follow the softmod any wii guide that was linked in the response to your intro thread. And don't follow failtube guides or post them here.

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    Thank you. I followed the guide from start to finish (3rd time letterbombing my poor Wii) and now it is working. No more failtube for me.

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    I'm having the same exact issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turner030 View Post
    I'm having the same exact issue.
    The issue of following a failtube guide? Well, read the thread and you will see what you need to do!

    OP issue resolved, thread closed to prevent further hijacking.


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