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Thread: new ps3 only getting 1mb online now

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    new ps3 only getting 1mb online now

    hi dose any one know why im only getting 1mb to 2mb on my new ps3. my old one died on us took it back to the shop and got another. i yoused to get round 7mb online on my other one i have 10mb broadband and its wired connection on wireless i can bearly get 0.5 thanks

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    Your new PS3 probably has a new IP that isn't set up for your router. I would check your router settings and make sure your router settings are not sticking up your ps3.

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    thanks pal never even thort about that ill have a play about with it

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    Unless you've done it a few times it is tricky to remember all the settings as all routers can be different and some can be a down right pain to navigate. This is a pretty helpful site with man routers if you hit a wall:

    Port Forwarding Guides Listed by Manufacturer and Model -

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    thank for all the help iv sorted it back to 7mb now thort id try the lazy way and press the reset button on the router worked a treat.

    i love wii hacks there all ways some one that can point you in the right direction.


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