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    Unhappy HBB Help

    I continue to get this code dump:

    GPR00 80200B94 GPR08 80808080 GPR16 8039A3B8 GPR24 805F4B74
    GPR01 80E72BE8 GPR09 80E53A60 GPR17 808E6570 GPR25 0000001F
    GPR02 80205F84 GPR10 00000000 GPR18 810C5A64 GPR26 80E72FC6
    GPR03 80E53A60 GPR11 80210000 GPR19 8039A41C GPR27 808FF3E0
    GPR04 00000000 GPR12 24200022 GPR20 00000001 GPR28 804EA8C4
    GPR05 00000000 GPR13 80208E40 GPR21 804EA460 GPR29 80914368
    GPR06 0000000A GPR14 00000001 GPR22 00000000 GPR30 80913C48
    GPR07 80808080 GPR15 8039A41C GPR23 8039A3B8 GPR31 800FE91C
    LR 800C827C SRR0 800d2a94 SRR1 00008032 MSR 00000000
    DAR 00000000 DSISR 04000000

    800d2a94 --> 800c827c --> 80062024 --> 80043cc -->8009df4c -->8009deec

    800d2a94: 896A0000 394A0001 7D005A14 89080001
    800d2aa4: 71070008 4082FFEC 2F8B00ZD 419E0144
    800d2ab4: 2F8B002B 39000000 419E0160 2F860000

    HBB has booted up 3 times but those three times it was done with problems because any download would appear unrecognizeable to the SD card.Any help would be appreciated,thanks.

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    Anyone?Im stuck and I dont know what to do?

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    Try another sd card, or try cleaning some of the unneeded things from it. Maybe backup the contents and do a thorough formatting of the sd card.
    The error occurs from being unable to read the sd card, or an interuption in exchange of information with the sd card.
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