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Thread: Which External Hard Drive to buy for USB Loader GX?

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    Which External Hard Drive to buy for USB Loader GX?

    Hi dudes!

    I'm thinking in buying an hard drive to run my games but I don't which to choose. So I was thinking you guys could help me.

    I googled a bit and I think these are the best options for 80$-100$.

    Verbatim 1TB -

    WD SE Elements 500GB - Western Digital Elements SE 500GB Portable USB 2.0 Hard Drive - Black: Computers & Accessories

    I read that the WD is the perfect hard drive for usb loader but I wanted more storage space because I also want to put musics and movies in there, so I just wanted to know if the Verbatim is also a good choice.

    And if you have suggestions just tell me but I can't spend more than 100$.

    Thanks you guys!
    Happy Christmas!

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    WD is a pretty good HDD, but there's tons of compatibility lists you can pull up to see if the other one is supported. We have one on our site, and if you don't see your's on there google "Wii hard drive compatibility list" and you'll find tons of them you can check. Good luck!

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    Yeah, I've read that here :P

    But those two seemed to have more compatibility than the others.

    But I'm not a pro, so do you have any suggestion?

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    If the list says it works I'd go with the 1TB. Can always return it if it doesn't work.

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    Hi Djgame, I have modded many units & set up and use myself a lot of different Hard Drives, Portables and desktops. I'm a bit more of a risk taker. I have only been scorched once. I bought a CN core 160gb, Not suitable for playing Wii games, Spin speed and data transfer too slow. Games would stall. I found through trial and error 7200 rpm is best but 5400 is ok. I always reformat to remove any manufacturers software. I have found some makes have sleep mode (energy save modes) you need to be able to switch it to 'never' Depending on what else you want to use it for you can Fat32 or NTFS,
    Have a look at this .


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