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Thread: Wiimote unreliable after priiloader autostarts USB loader

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    Wiimote unreliable after priiloader autostarts USB loader

    When I have my priiloader set to autostart either USB Loader GX or Configurable USB Loader I have a problem where about 50% of the time when booting up, the Wiimotes do not connect. So the screen shows the USB Loader program running, and I am holding a Wiimote that will not connect. Usually rebooting/resetting will cause it to work again on the first try. I am going to do some troubleshooting today to see if it only happens when priiloader autostarts the app. But I know yesterday as I was hacking two different Wii's, everything worked fine until I got to the last step where I installed priiloader and then configured it to autostart the USB loader app of choice. Anyone seen anything like this before? Are there work arounds? I believe all of my wiimotes are genuine Nintendo remotes. I did not buy any of them on ebay, but I did buy them in places like Target. How can I check if they are genuine?

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    Hi Mrgibbage, I doubt it's the wiimotes. I use all kinds originals, ebays cheap chinese copies, they all work for me, with or without motion plus,Maybe it's the version of preloader, They have different hacks files. I have never used the hack to boot to a particular channel. I do set my wiis to block updates, I also use the boot to auto press a at startup. which can catch you out as system has booted before you have to press "A" to turn on your remote. Check out the latest version of preloader for the system version you are using, I am using v7 atm.

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