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Thread: How to transfer music from my old iPod Touch to computer?

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    Question How to transfer music from my old iPod Touch to computer?

    I've been trying to figure out how to transfer the music from my ipod to my computer as i just got a new one. The old Ipod is a generation 2 Ipod touch, and i just got new iTouch
    Thanks for the help!

    PS: My OS is Windows 7.

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    Reinstall your system and your iTunes library, or just get your music, videos and photos off your iPod, and save them to your computer
    1.go to music in ipod when connected to computer the songs
    3.drag to the itunes area for music
    4.your done
    Know more about how to transfer music from iPod touch to computer, which included the detailed tutorials of how to transfer your music from iPod to PC.
    Hopefully this works for all of you like it just worked for me!
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    itunes can help you.itunes only can help to sync ios music with computer. If you connect your ipod to itunes with a computer and try to sync the music, you will get a warning that you can only sync with computer and that all music on ipod will be wiped if you try to sync with this new computer.

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