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Thread: Downgrade put me in 2.2??

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    Downgrade put me in 2.2??

    I was in 3.4 firmware and started downgrading. How come I could only choose 2.0 to 2.2 firmwares? I think I just installed 2.2. Or was that a typo?? Help? Got as far as loading Starfall and after I pressed B+1 in went to another screen and said only works with 3.2 and went back to the hombrew channel.

    Oh and my Wii restarted everytime after installing the first few files. I couldn't do anything and so I pressed the home button and it rebooted...

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    Go to Wii options > wii settings > look in the top right corner.
    What does it say?
    Can you boot the downgrader still?

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    get anyregion changer, and install 3.2 =P
    then use starfall

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    Oh shit, I just saw that you have to scroll down. Someone should add that to the tutorial for noobs like me.

    Ok, I ran the cIOS downgrader again. So far it's installing 3.2 now.... update shortly. Hopefully i don't brick my Wii.

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    Cool. I like admiral said, you should install some Starfall hacks.
    Starfall - WiiBrew

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    SWEET! It worked. I was scared for a minute. Thanks guys.. Going to move to Starfall now.

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    Cool, I recommend

    Skip disc update check
    Region free channels
    Region free Wii games
    Start rescue-menu when Y is held on 1st GC controller

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    and i recomend u dont get region free GC, it causes a lot of problems for some people ESP with GC backups *chip only, no HBC method*

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    Ok when I go to Starfall I press 2 to get install "Start rescue-menu...", the it says "Everthing done", then there's a line underneath, but I can't read it. What do i press to continue with the install??

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    I think just hit "home"

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