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Thread: Emulators + HDD problem...

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    Emulators + HDD problem...

    Hey guys... i buy a new hdd to use with my wii... just format as fat32, and put some roms from the old hdd on it...

    i already have SMS, Genesis and SNES emulators on my wii ... but when i change to my new disk.... this doesnt work anymore... when i try to open any rom file, just fails...

    says cant find usb HDD.... the strange thing is ... this HDD works with usbloader gx 2.2

    so can anyone help me ?


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    First you have to introduce yourself here, then did set your partition as a primary?
    DriveKey & 4.2U Softmod w/2TB Simpletech HD (500MB Fat32 & 1.5TB NTFS)

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    Yeah man... it's a primary partition... and it's weird... with WD 500gb harddisk... works fine !!!

    so, when i replace to SAMSUNG 1TB harddisk... i have this problem...

    any ideas ?

    PS: same file structure ^^ just copy everything to the new 1TB disk.

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    No USB 3.0 it's 2.0 i have a HDD Dock... with 1TB SAMSUNG...

    PS: the dock is the same... with WD500 works with 1TB fails...

    usbloader gx 2.2 works fine... so i can load wiigames ^^ but no emu working.

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    Hum let me see... so if it's incompatible.. USB Loader doesn't work.... right ???

    The weird thing is... i have no problem with usbloader... just with the emulators...

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    Hmm. I would think if USB loader was working your emulators should too. It won't find your drive even while setting the path for loading and saving in settings?

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    it won't find my drive when i try to load a rom... ^^ in SMS emulator for example.

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    Maybe a pimp my wii upgrade for ioses work ??? there any risk to brick ???

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