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Thread: playing new games / how to upgrade neo gammer ios

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    playing new games / how to upgrade neo gammer ios

    Hiya, sorry for the noobie question but it has been over a year or so since i last touched my little brothers wii.
    It is soft modded on ver 4.1E and running neo gamma R8, IOS249 Rev 17

    This was done to play super mario galaxy 2 at the time and think this is the latest game its running and he now wants some new games for the holiday period.
    It appears neo gamma needs updating to play the newer games can someone please tell me what i have to do and how to do it in order to play the new titles as its been so long since i touched this As im more use to the xbox and ps3 mods.

    many thanks


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    you can get the newest neogamma here:

    his version chooses the IOS the game needs for you so no need for an IOS switcher.. pretty cool actually but you will need to update your cIOS.. not just cIOS249.. so I would run through the softmod guide in my sig to update your IOS and cIOS at the same time.. it'll take 20mins to do.. start from the spoiler tag "softmods with HBC installed"

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