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Thread: Wii HDD games browser

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    Wii HDD games browser


    Using valuable tips on this site, I have successfully soft-modded my wii (4.3u), and also hav Neogamma channel to load games from HDD (WBFS).

    The issue I am having is, I have close to 50 games, and upon loading HDD via Neogamma, I just get one line display for game name, and I need to keep pressing up-down arrow to browse thru games one at a time.

    I wanted to check if there is any better way to browse games on HDD thru Neogamma or any other loader and select one.


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    Yes, select a different loader

    cfg usbloader
    Usb loader GX

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    I apologize for delay in response, as I wanted to try another usb browser before I could respond.

    I have successfully installed Config USB loader, and it is working well, and thanks a lot for your advice, but am still have following major issue:

    I have iomega HDD with WBFS format. I can not load games using config USB loader or Neogamma without weird restart seq. i.e. start "load from USB", and then connect HDD to USB (nearest to corenr) and switch on.
    I have to do this every time I have to run a game, and is very frustrating as once game is started, only way to quit is, press "home", and come to wii menu, and restart usb-loader channel.

    Could you help me providing some soln/hint on this issue?



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