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Thread: USB Loaders freezing.........

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    USB Loaders freezing.........


    I've modded my 4.2u Wii using the Softmod guide for ANY Wii and i have quite a hard time trying to make it work....

    The big problem is that my USB Loader or CFG USB LOADER or Wiiflow or Neogamma (less than others tho) freeze to the point that i either cant even load the game or change the configs to load the game.

    I have Naruto shippuden , Zelda skyward sword and Smash bros.

    I can get Naruto to work using Neogamma and with a few tweaks if it doesnt freeze on me..... but Zelda and Smash wont play on Neogamma so i want to try to use the options i can get from USB LOADER / Wii flow but these two are impossible to deal with. They simply freeze and i can't do anything with them....

    I'm new to this so i'm completly clueless but the guide said at some point to install the 25 wads for the 4.1u menu,, since i had a 4.2u was i really supposed to do this and downgrade my wii????

    Either way....i have 1 game out of 3 working but on earth would it freeze for the other loaders?

    Could it be a non-fully compatible external HDD or SD card?

    I have a SDHC 4go class 4 Sandisk and Acer 500gb as hard drive....

    Could it be a cios problem with the apps? Am i supposed to somehow change ios outside of the apps so that these applications run on the right IOS and thus run better than they are now?

    I have no idea how to change my ISO by the way....

    Anyways, ill use any help i can get as this is driving me crazy.... i don't seem to find what could be the problem.... i've redone the guide like 3 times and it doesnt change anything...

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