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Thread: New 4.3u Wii

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    New 4.3u Wii

    Hey all, so I bought one of the new black wii's and it has 4.3u already installed. However when i connected it to the internet it had asked me to do an update. So what i want to know is if it's safe to do the update (assuming its not 4.4 or something) and that it won't affect my ability to softmod it as I've read maui's guide numerous times so i'm pretty sure i understand everything. I plan on softmodding it with a 1GB SD, then on payday getting a USB HDD to backup all my games/wiiware/VC content. If and when I do softmod it, Will i still be able to play my games using the disc channel until i get a HDD? Or will I have to wait until then. I am new to the whole Wii modding scene, so I don't want to do anything stupid just yet. I've read and searched for a genuine answer but to no avail. So please bare with me. The new wii doesn't have GC support at all so i know that's out of the question. Also since it is a newer console, i would assume that it has the newest cIOS's to run latest games such as LoZ:SS? or will i still have to get the recent downloads. Thanks for reading, and if someone does know where i could've found the answers to these questions, please link me to them and delete this post.

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    It always asks to perform a system update and you can decline to.
    I think of no benefit to doing it.
    No newer system menu is known to exist at this time, but anything is possible, so why risk it.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I just wanted to make sure there was nothing important with that update that could solve some issues down the road with newer titles. But of course new cIOS's will be available on here regardless if needed. I was looking at USB Loader and WiiFlow.. WiiFlow looks more attractive in my eyes, is it possible to install both loaders? I know usb loader is already included in Maui's guide on chapter 2. is it possible to add the wiiflow wad in with the other files i'll be putting on the SD? or should i just follow the guide without adding anything until everything works for sure. just trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. But if it's better to wait i will do that.

    EDIT: Just downloaded the file from and theres only 1 folder "private" and a "boot.elf" file. is that normal? 1.9mb file size
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