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Thread: Preloader Purgatory!!!!! ARRRRGGGHHH

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    Preloader Purgatory!!!!! ARRRRGGGHHH

    When I boot up, I'm on the priiloader screen. I can't get out of it and the only way to navigate is with the GC controller.

    This happened after I had successfully installed HBC and was trying to install priiloader.
    I've gone through the prealoader brick fix guide, the softmod any wii guide (thought I might be able to start over-yeah right) and the Oh Sh*t black screen guide. I've been hopelessly trying everything I could find but nothing is working.

    When I try to go to the SysMenu or the HBC I get an aoutobooting error.

    When I loaded the zips instructed in the guides, I got black screens/stack dump.


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    do you have autoboot/autoreset set to load any dol or something? or did you actually brick your wii

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    I got it back working although I'm not exactly sure why lol. All I can say is that this site is awesome!

    In the Priiloader screen I ended up loading boot.elf from one of the install zips. From there I would be able to install HBC but couldn't make it stick. I ended up messing with it for about 12 hours but was finally able to load Dop-Mii and get going again. Then I pretty much started the over again.

    At about 4am I was good. I still have to fix some things that didn't load correctly, but overall I'm happy to be out of Purgatory.


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