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Thread: Nintendo Doesn't Want a 3DS Price Situation on Wii U

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    Nintendo Doesn't Want a 3DS Price Situation on Wii U

    The 3DS price drop has had an extremely positive effect on the system's sales, but it left some early birds wary of buying a Nintendo console at launch in case the same thing happens again. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime knows this, touching on it briefly in an interview with Fox Business.

    The Wii was priced for profit at launch and still is, in fact, Nintendo making a profit on every one of the 500,000 machines sold on Black Friday this year. With all eyes soon to be on Wii U, will Nintendo go for profit on each unit or sell at a loss to get the console into as many homes as possible? Fils-Aime didn't give much away but did acknowledge the company wants to avoid a repeat of the 3DS price drop:

    We had to go back and reduce the price of 3DS and we certainly don't want to go through that when we launch Wii U.

    Fils-Aime also stated Nintendo wants to avoid the lack of third-party support that dogged the 3DS launch.
    Source- foxbusiness

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    I'm guessing they'll do like MS and Sony and sell their hardware at break-even or at a loss.


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