I'm breaking my head over this Wii for almost 2 full days.
History of the Wii:
  • Wii with DriveKey. Official firmware 4.3
  • Modded the Wii succesfully with Indiana Pwns
  • Someone installed/removed a wad because the USB loader was not working correctly anymore.
  • Re-installed all the wads from this modpack.
  • Wii was working again so I also tried to re-install Prii-loader
  • Prii-loader bricked the Wii. I could no longer boot to the system menu
  • I could boot to Prii-loader and I installed System Menu 4.1 from Wad manager.
  • At this point the Wii was fully bricked. No more System menu. No more Prii-loader
  • savemiifrii works and shows me 4.1(EUR)
  • Universal Unbrick Disc wasn't booting with the aid of savemiifrii
  • "Last Change Unbrick Disc" was booting with the use of savemiifii
  • Managed to reinstall IOS249 using Last change unbrick disc
  • Managed to boot the Universal Unbrick Disc now

So.. at this point I have a working Universal Unbrick Disc v4 (UUDv4) which boots to WAD Manager 1.5
But I can't seem to unbrick it.
I can't seem to get other autoboot discs working (AutoBoot AnyRegionChanger v1.1bM5, AutoBoot Bootmii, BootMiiDiisc,...) Only UUDv4 and LCUDv3.
I also followed these steps to install IOS60patched and System Menu v450 (4.1e).
Still black screen at boot.

If anyone could help me and point me in the right direction I'd be eternally grateful!