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Thread: 4.2E / Preloader 0.3 / ISO v249 / System Menu v0

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    4.2E / Preloader 0.3 / ISO v249 / System Menu v0


    First of all, sorry if I'm asking stuff already asked before.
    I have searched for days now and found many problems like mine, with many solutions... but it's getting too confusing for me.

    My Wii
    4.2E with Preloader v0.30, WiiFlow latest, HBC installed and WAD-manager 1.7 installed.

    When did the problem start
    I have used Dop-Mii via HBC to upgrade various IOS's to the latest version.

    The problem
    The Wii won't boot past Preloader.
    When in Preloader I try "Homebrew Channel it says: "Error booting HBC, maybe title not installed?".
    When I try BootMii IOS: "Could not find the required BootMii startup files neither the elf or binary were found on the SD".
    When I try Insalled file: "Error autobooting file, try reinstalling! Entrypoint is zero!".
    When I try Load/Install File I have tried to run numerous .dol's (DOPMII.dol, Bootmii_Booter.elf, Dool.dol etc.) but all come with te same message: "Installing "DOPMII.dol"... Writing file failed!"
    System Menu Hacks: "Couldn't find any hacks for System Menu version: v0".
    Settings: System Menu IOS is set to "0", when I navigate to this line the Wii freezez.. the odd thing is that at one time writing this it said "2144".

    My question
    Can anybody help me restoring my Wii?
    I have a nand-backup a year old (540MB) but that's only the .bin file. Or is that too drastic?
    Oh.. I can only navigate Preloader with a GC controller.

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    Do you have bootmii installed as boot2? When you turn the wii on, does it blink once or twice? If twice, you could put this on a freshly formatted SD (not SDHC) card, along with your nand.bin/keys.bin and restore.

    If not, report back and we'll figure something out.


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    It blinks once.

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    I have changed the autoboot settings to BootMii and rebooted.
    then it showed IOS60

    I have ran wadmanager and HBC so far. So it seem as repairable.
    Also i have contact with the wiimote again.

    Any hints on what the next step would be?
    I could put the backup nand but that mean I loose all my savegames, correct?

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    My Wii works again

    The solution:
    - Preloader settings: Autoboot to BootMii
    - rebooted and IOS had no v0 anymore, I could install via Preloader again
    - followed the complete guide Softmod any Wii

    Hope this helps anyone.


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