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Thread: configurable USB Loader config issue

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    configurable USB Loader config issue


    I have always used usb loader gx but thought i'd try configurable USB Loader and think it looks alot nicer and has more benifits however i have an annoying config issue

    MY error screen says:

    [+] WARNING:

    Partition: Fat1 not found!
    Select a different partition

    Press A button to select a partition.
    Press B button to change device.
    Press HOME button to exit.

    If i then press A to select a different partition i can see

    P#1 WBFS1
    P#2 NTFS1 ntfs:

    The games are there and i can play them when i select the WBFS1 partition, but why is it doing this? Is it because the HDD its trying to mount fat32 drive but mine is configured to WBFS? Any help would be appriciated thanks as always guys good work with the continued support.

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    Maybe you should reformat your hard drive... I don't think you have it formatted correctly. Use the formatting part of this guide here: Then re-rip your games. This doesn't seem like a major problem. Maybe you should just leave it as it is.

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    You just have to save your settings and the next time you load cfg loader it will automatically load the games from your HDD (P#1 WBFS).

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    pathrit is correct. Save your settings. If it still isn't working, then make sure the SD card has room to save data. That was my problem.

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    I cant see how i set to select the wbfs and save that setting can anyone point this out sorry if this is a silly question looked for ages its not in the global settings

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    Select your partition.
    Then in cfg loader to set it to save....go to system, then settings and save.

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    I am just wondering...does cfg loader always start with asking for me to change the partition? I tried the above and it still ask me everytime. is there a way to just have it go there? Also while I'm asking for info..this may seem silly but it's driving me crazy trying to figure it do you exit a game with this loader and have it go directly to the game menu..the only way I can do it, is to hit home and start from scratch..thanks.

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