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Thread: Updating Old Softmoded Wii

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    Updating Old Softmoded Wii

    Hi, i have searched and spent roughly 2 hours looking around at guides and i can see one or two bits but not a great deal in relation to my current softmod as it appears there are a few new ones out there. My Wii plays games copied onto a CD so i dont have a external HD.

    I have a Wii that i softmoded around 1 1/2 years ago when the first softmod came out for 4.2. I have come back as i know i will need to update to play certain games and im very interested in playing the new Zelda ( i know this probably cant be done yet).

    I still have the 4.2 Softmoded Wii with HBC Boomii and Softmod (no geo gam etc). Is there a way i can update to either 4.3 with the updated Softmod or update the current soft mod to allow the playing of fairly new games that come out.

    If the Softmod software i currently have is sufficient enough to play new games but requires a update can someone please point me to a guide to this (if available) and i will go from there, im not asking for all the information handed to me on a plate.
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    Follow the softmod any wii guide, there is a section for people who already have HBC. Your mod is probably pretty outdated and that guide will get you current on all ios and cios. It will not update your system menu but it will give you all of the things that 4.3 would give you. There is a link to the guide in my signature.

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    Thank you so much Skellinator. I will have a look through it now and see what i can find.

    Much appreciated
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