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Thread: Original DVD drive to USB

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    Original DVD drive to USB

    Is there a way to use the original DVD drive that is replaced by the SunDriver as USB so you can load your backups onto the hard drive? I want to make this as easy as possible to use for my girl while I'm gone. I have until the last week of December to set up my Wii before I'm gone for eight months and want her to be able to backup new games to play off of the hard-drive.

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    Also, can you play NES & SNES games off of the SunDriver?
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    unfortionally , no and no

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    That sux. Do you have a sundriver?

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    yes i still have one in my wii.

    did i understand you correctly, you asked if possible a way to connect your drive again while having sundriver installed in order to load your already burned or pressed dvd's into the sundriver ?
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    Do you like it? How quick is it? How do you back up your new originals?

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    just edited my post with that info (download, install with pc)


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