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Thread: Removing Priiloader/ All hacks?

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    Question Removing Priiloader/ All hacks?

    Hello there,

    This is my first time on this site so hello.

    Here is the story:

    I wanted to play a wii game one day and didn't have it. I found out you can download a program (HBC, Bannerbomb, Priiloader) so you could play downloaded games on a disc. So I through the tutorial and did everything like I was suppost to and it worked out great, I was playing the game I wanted.

    A few weeks later I bought Super mario galaxy 2. When I put it in my wii, It said I needed to update so when I went to update it, it got and error 32004. So after research I found it was because of priiloader which I put on my wii. So I went and did a system format on my wii. It deleted everything or I though it did. It still wont update my wii so I can play new games.

    What I would like is to Take EVERYTHING I PUT IN MY WII OFF! EVERYTHING! I would like my wii to be normal and not hacked.

    SO heres the problem. I don't have any of the files I used to put on the Homebrew stuff.

    All i Know is that my wii is 4.1U and I have Priiloader 0.3v

    If someone could please show me how to remove everything it put on my wii I would be greatly appreciated. even if that means find all the hacked files again just so I can uninstall each thing I put on.



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    Im having the exact same problem... someone please help??!!! :O


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