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Thread: Hardmod with drive swap with WK2 on KEF serial number ?

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    Hardmod with drive swap with WK2 on KEF serial number ?

    Anyone know if this will work ?

    The new drive looks differrent then a D4 drive,

    Anyone experiencing it already ? on the wiidrive website the KEF is not listen yet.

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    If the drive is newer, it won't load disk backups.
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    Never swapped out a D4 but I once got a used boot2 Wii, for some reason, it had a D3-2 Drive. I swapped out the D3-2 Drive with a drive from an older Wii. Didn't use a modchip but the modchip I had did install fine. Games also worked fine via backup DVD too anyway. Again, remember, this was with a D3-2, I've never seer or done a D4.

    Note; both D3-2 and D4 don't allow DVD backups so you could say I had the similar problem.
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    Replaced the drive with a dms chipset and wk1 and it worked.


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