Little King’s Story released on Wii in 2009 and was highly praised by critics. Unfortunately the game simply failed to sell, though it did manage to gain a cult following.

Fans of the game should be pleased to hear that Little King’s Story is getting a sequel. Konami has officially announced New Little King’s Story for Sony’s new PS Vita portable. The title is due to release sometime in 2012.Here’s how Konami described the game in its press release:
Set in a beautifully-realised game world, New Little King’s Story follows the player as they assume the role of a King tasked with reclaiming his kingdom from an invader known only as ‘The Nightmare.’
King Corobo, a plucky 14-year-old royal, presides over a stricken land. The evil Nightmare is running havoc and the populace lives in fear as it preys on them. Thus, as Corobo, the user must unite their subjects in order to fight back and reclaim the kingdom.
New Little King’s Story takes the form of a roaming role-playing title, with the player recruiting the isolated pockets of subjects into a unified army. The game allows the user to move freely around the scrolling player in the search for recruits and for items that will aid the quest.
The touch-screen of the PlayStationVita handheld entertainment system allows the player to control and arrange recruits and send them into battle or to search areas with simple finger movements, with groups of subjects easily marshaled and moved.
It sounds good to me! Do you plan on picking up New Little King’s Story
next year?

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