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Thread: Need your help? Should I

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    Us Need your help? Should I

    Should I mod my wii?? I am 100% new to this. The other day i was at my friends and his was modded. He has like 100 burned games. Saves him alot of money. I was just wondering what everyone thinks about it? How easy is it to mess my wii up?

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    depends if u got the time, intellengence, effort, and skills

    and relativly high, if youre stupid, or dont like to read, since i anwser most of the questions here, the stupid people dont get very far unless i basicly do everything, but actually do it for them =P

    read this, and some of the pages, and if you think you would like the risk, then do it... if not then dont

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    Well if you make sure that the chip you get works with your drive, and you can install it right it is a good idea. I would get a clip if you are not comfertable with soldering it onto the drive. You can downgrade to 3.2 and run your Wii with a chip. It is amazing


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