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Thread: Delay hits Nintendo 3DS update

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    Delay hits Nintendo 3DS update

    Nintendo has confirmed that the software update to the Nintendo 3DS that brings 3D video recording to the console is delayed until 8 December.
    The company had hoped torelease the software before November's end, but it seems that the "final stages of internal testing" are taking longer than it thought, hence the delay.
    As well as 3D video recording, the update will bring the ability to transfer downloaded content between 3DSes, as well as new "game content" in the Mii Plaza.
    Wrong castle, Nintendo update fans

    Nintendo has struggled to shift the 3DS console and, after price drops and other tactics didn't really help, recently decided that it should focus on casual gamers in order to sell more.
    As well as the 3D video recording functionality, the handheld console will see more titles that appeal to the over-50s and women landing in the coming year, so women over 50 should have a field day.
    The move to a more family-friendly strategy should take the Nintendo 3DS out of direct competition to the PS Vita Sony's handheld is due to launch in early 2012, aimed firmly at the higher end of the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peire View Post

    by all means do whatever needs to be done.... the sad thing is, they wouldnt have to focus on older people had they paid for 3rd party exclusives like everyone else is doing!
    Even the best fall down sometimes.

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