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Thread: just got my Wasabi Zero solder version in

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    Question just got my Wasabi Zero solder version in

    It seems that the solderless clips for the wasabi zero are not purchasable seperately. I didn't initially chose to get one because my Wii is fairly new and I wasn't sure if it soul have epoxy or not. Well it turns out it didn't but since I can't fi d the solderless adapter for it I think I'm stuck hardwiring this in. The main obstacle I'm running into is a guide of some sort for the wasabi zero. I'd just like to fnd some diagram pictures showing what wires need to be soldered where. This is my first attempt for a Wii mod & my mod chip seems to be the latest released so I'm just trying to make sure I get it right the first time. Thanks for your time folks.

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    ok, btw update it EVEN if its the latest, the update disc becomes a ulitity disc, which can block updates, and other fun stuff :3

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    hmm well I didn't get a disc of any kind with my order. Or any wires for soldering (gonna stop by Radio Shack tonight and pick up some 30 gauge wire). All I got was the chip and the manilla envelope it came in. I'm guessing the update disc your speaking of can be downloaded and burned but at the moment I'm just needing to figure out how to solder the right points in so I can use my backup of Zelda to start the downgrade from 3.4 to 3.2. All soldering diagram searches I google for come up empty handed.

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    the disc, is something you burn with a update off the site, just go to the offical site and you should be fine, and then you can do the downgrade, use this guide

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    I appreciate your timeliness and patience with me, but I believe my main hurdle that I need to cross before I can downgrade (cause I have a backup of my Zelda disc), is to get the mod chip installed so that the backup disc is able to be read. But the problem seems to be a lack of documentation from the manufacturer and resellers about how to properly solder it in. I've been trying to scour multiple websites and even a bit in YouTube for some form of guide of where to solder (and how many wires to solder) this mod chip in. My Wii has the GC2-D2E in it if that makes any difference as to the installation but as of right now the ONLY guides that I've found give a description of how to install the solderless model. I have my soldering iron, solder, & chip ready to do something with it but so far the only thing I know how to do is install the solderless version and I can't order that separately. I guess it just perplexes me that they sell the solder version without any instructions on what gets soldered where. I apologize if this sounds like a rant, as I'm not meaning it to be. I'm just at the point of tippy-toe jumping at the excitement of modding/hacking yet another piece of electronics in my house and somehow the universe is trying to thwart my mission.

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    like i told u -,_-, go to the **** website

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    Red face

    My apologies Admiral, for some reason I had been going to Wasabi Wii Modchip - Compatible with DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C2, D2E - Upgradable from DVD - Simply the best instead of the latest link that you had posted. Seems my eagerness to get accomplished has only set me back on my timetable a bit due to making assumptions. Thank you very, very much for all your help. I know I'm not the only one here to cause frustration, and it's to your credit and helpfulness that we 'eventually' get our thick skulls to absorb the proverbial 'nose on our face'. Cheers bud.

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    thats the right site
    its in the downloads -,_-, but its good to learn the site reguardless so i didnt tell you where to look

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    Actually the site you linked and the site I linked are 2 different sites. They initially look the same but the one that I posted doesn't have any links in the green upper banner for downloads etc, it only has a search window for "Search Wasabi Wholesale" and nothing else link wise to click on(hence my confusion). Your site has the 'cn' extension for I'm assuming China where as mine just ends in '.com'. Seems like a cheesy name scam of domains to me. Anyways, sorry for any confusion.

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