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Thread: Help a newb out please...

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    Help a newb out please...


    I've decided to softmod my Wii yesterday to be able to play games from my external HDD.

    I followed the 'SOFTMOD FOR EVERY WII' guide on this website and installed all that was needed on my 4.2u Wii

    I have 3 games on my HDD all being NTSC format ; Skyward sword, smash bros and Naruto shippuden

    I have both Neogamma r9 beta 52 and CFG USB loader v70 and tried to run the games from both.

    For starters, i notice that CFG USB Loader freezes a lot on my Wii, while Neogamma doesnt (I'm solely talking about the option and menu, not ingame) so i tend to do all my attempts with the Neogamma.

    Anyways, when i try to run the games, it all freezes. They all start up, get to the screen when im showed my remote, i press A and then it freezes on a white screen for both Naruto and Zelda and a black one for smash bros, Wii stops responding thus forces me to do a hard reset.

    As i said, i'm a nemb with all this and right now i feel completly clueless as i have no experience whatsoever when it comes to Wii modding, and giving ive bought all of this thinking it would work 'easily'..... im dissapointed and hope for dear god that i wasnt cursed for attemping such thing thus wasted all my money on it.....

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me with....

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    If you softmodded, why are you posting in a modchip section that uses hdd?

    Try the newbie section.
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