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Thread: Making sure I have everything right?

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    Question Making sure I have everything right?

    Hey, so yesterday I decided to hack my wii and everything is great so far. I have Homebrew installed already, so that's fine.
    However, I want to makes sure I am prepared to be able to use USB Loader GX and install other wads as well.
    Before I did anything, I watched this video: How to Get USB Loader GX on a Wii - YouTube
    Everything makes sense, however as always I see some issues people have in the comments and the video is a few months old.
    In his description, he gives a link to everything; for those who watched, are all the files up-to-date?
    Also, in one of the comments, a person reports that "mine always turns off and wont let me turn it back on when i went to install the ios236 " What can I do to avoid this so it doesn't happen to me? I really want to try this and I know these questions have been asked, but I'd appreciate it if someone were able to clarify a few things for me. Thanks

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    I recommend using the guides here at Wiihacks. Personally, I like CFG Loader. Here's a guide to get you started, If you want to use USB Loader GX, use this guide here-

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